Materials To Be Considered While Making A Blazer

Fabric is one of the most important elements while you are deciding to make a tailored blazer. The right type of fabric will obviously make you look presentable and you will also feel confident wearing it.

Let us check the types:

Woolen with cashmere touch

Wool is the most common fabric for making a blazer. Wool used for making blazers is blended with cashmere clothing, to give a glossier and finer look. It is durable, comfortable and available in various thicknesses to suit the climatic conditions.

 Yes, woolen blazers can also be worn for milder and cool climates.  While selecting woolen fabric go lesser number of wool, if you are selecting it more cool climates. On the other hand go for higher wool gradation if you are making it for colder climates.

Cotton blend with linen

Needless to say cotton breathes well and is great for warmer climatic conditions. Cotton blended with linen give a royal look. Corduroy is a ribbed clothing material that absorbs sweat and it great for all day wear. Unfortunately, cotton wrinkles very easily.

Therefore, you have to take proper care and maintenance. It is recommended that you must always dry wash and then store it in your wardrobe.

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers such as rayon, polyesters and acetate fibers are wrinkle resistant. These materials are also stain resistant and can be roughly used.  The disadvantage of the synthetic fibers is that they do not breathe well making you feel uncomfortable in hot and humid weather conditions. It is advised to stay away from synthetic fibers as much as you can.

Natural and synthetic blends

This blend is mixture of natural material like cotton linen and synthetic fibers. It can be worn for warm weather as the blend allows you to breathe properly. This comfortable mixture is the most opted one among professionals. Not only it looks great but also it is easy to care and maintain.

Buying fashion linen in France

Needless to say France is the hub of fashion. There are many designers who are well known in the field of blazer and suit designing. However, the label Roger Labonte mode masculine deserves a special applause. The designer blends the clothing material perfectly well.  The label is well known for its impact in look and comfort ability factor.


A well made blazer can make your whole appearance. However, you must not forget the breathability factor of the fabric. Always choose a fabric that not only looks nice but also it should last longer.

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